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“Has yours been tested?”

With premium bike components now costing in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars,
wouldn't you like to know how well they fared in the laboratory?

We thought so.  So for only $10 you can now

a customized testing report for your specific component!

If we have already tested your component, we'll send our results
and up to four more components for comparison purposes.

Each report includes a chart comparing the results you requested,
a plain-English explanation of how the test reflects real-world performance,
and an illustrated description of the test procedure.

You can see what our reports look like from this
Sample Crank Report (PDF)

Or if we haven't yet tested your component, we'll happily forward your request
to the manufacturer who should provide us with a sample.
And if you are in a rush, you can even send us your own personal components
(naturally we would only run non-destructive tests on your stuff).

Great for racers and bike enthusiasts alike!